How To Cut Bangs On A Wig

Decide on the Best Bang for You
You can choose any style of bangs, but it’s preferable to pick ones that highlight your face characteristics. Here are some tips for the styles of bangs that complement various facial shapes the best.

Want to give a worn-out wig new life? A fantastic method to achieve it is to add some edgy bangs! There are several things you need to understand about how wigs are cut, though, before you pick up the scissors. You must first pick the proper sort of bang, get specific tools, and then trim the bangs correctly. In this article, we’ll show you how to trim body wave weave with bangs at home using the right technique.

Avoid straight bangs and opt for thick, side-swept bangs instead.
A wispy fringe, as opposed to broad or thick bangs, will assist balance your features.
Square – Instead of small bangs, use lengthy, straight across bangs.
Oval – Because of their adaptability, oval features can pull off practically any type of bangs.
Long – To balance things out, stay with longer bangs rather than micro-bangs, which can make long faces appear even longer.
You should also take into account the following advice when choosing bangs:

How daring will you act? Consider whether you want a dramatic, edgy design or a gentle, romantic appearance. While soft styles have smooth gradients and wispy endings, bold looks frequently have abrupt ends and variable lengths.
What kind of wig do you have? Additionally, think about if your wig is straight or curly. On curly hair, some bang styles, such as excessively blunt straight across bangs, may not always look good. The same is true for various bang styles and straight hair.
Your wig is how dense? The more options you have, the denser your wig should be. However, you must be cautious when choosing bangs for low density wigs to avoid taking away too much volume.
Which hairstyles do you personally prefer? It should be enjoyable to wear and style wigs, and you should never disregard your own tastes or likes. Try the bangs you’ve been itching to try, and then decide if you like them or not.
air bangs on a long, straight burgundy wig

You Need These Tools to Trim Bangs on Your Wig
Even if you’ve chosen the ideal set of bangs, utilizing the wrong tools will prevent you from getting them. Here are the equipment you will need to cut bangs on a wig in order to achieve the best results.

that wig
scissors for cutting hair
Comb (wide tooth for curly wigs, rat-tail for straight wigs)
T-Pins and a canvas or foam wig stand
The scissors you use to cut your hair are ideal for doing so because they are far sharper than the ones you used in school. We advise buying some hair cutting scissors if you don’t already have any at home. Without the proper scissors, you risk losing your style and the hairs on your wig.

Step by Step: How to Cut Bangs on Your Wig
It’s time to get down to the details now that you have your equipment set and a general understanding of how to choose the best bangs for your face. Here are comprehensive step-by-step directions for cutting bangs on your wig.

Put your wig on first (or on a wig stand)
Put on your wig after making sure it is somewhat clean and dried. Cutting your bangs while wearing your wig will help you see what you’re doing clearly. Additionally, it will keep the wig full, making it simpler to trim. Your wig can be displayed on a wig stand if you don’t want to wear it. Simply ensure that it is absolutely straight and fasten it using T-Pins to prevent movement while you work.

Play with the hair to see how you want your bangs to fall once your wig is on and stable. To properly visualize how your bangs will appear after being chopped, fold and tuck the hair. To determine the aesthetic you want to go for, be sure to look at a lot of reference pictures throughout this process. You can’t undo cutting your wig once you’ve done it. Therefore, before beginning, be certain that you are clear on your goals.

Step two is to shape your bangs.
Choose the section of hair you wish to use for the bangs by using your comb to separate the wig. Brush the hair forward and create a triangle portion in the front center. Use a hair tie or clip to keep the remaining hair from getting in the way. After you’ve cut your bangs, use a comb to smooth out the hair and get rid of any tangles or knots.

Measure the length of your bangs in step three.
Determine the length you desire for the bangs by running your fingertips along their length. Cut a few inches off if you intend to remove a lot of length. Be sure to let the bangs stay longer than you intended. You have the option to later leave the hair longer by shaving off less hair than you intend to remove.

Step 4: Make a 45-degree angle cut to the bangs.
With one hand, tighten the bangs, and the other, trim your hair. Snip the bang from the middle to each side while holding the scissors at a 45-degree angle. To prevent errors, try not to remove more than a quarter-inch at once. Once the bangs are almost at the desired length, cut them even shorter.

Fifth step: Review your work
Take a step back and inspect your new bangs once you’re satisfied with their length. Check for any spots that need to be evened out, and if so, touch them up. If the cut is to your liking, try tousling the hair to examine how it lays in various ways.

Step 6: Add any necessary details.
Finish your touch-ups and if your bangs require any extra attention, go ahead. By gently cutting straight through the ends of your bangs while angling your scissors at a 90-degree angle, you can also soften them. You can proceed to the final stage after you’re pleased!

Step 7: Comb your fresh bangs in
After cutting your bangs to length, style them as desired. You might try a trendy middle part or sweep them to one side. Additionally, you can use a straightener to polish them or a curling iron to give them some texture. Determine which look suits you best, then make any necessary tweaks.

bangs on a black bob wig

Cutting Bangs on a Wig: Dos and Don’ts
Finally, we’d want to leave you with some advice on how to clip bangs as quickly and easily as possible. Consider these suggestions to make sure your bangs turn out gorgeous.


Use the proper bang length and form for your features.
If you’re unsure, having your wig professionally cut.
Utilize a reference image.

Avoid removing too much at once.
If you’re not experienced, avoid cutting your wig when it’s damp.
Never use kitchen or craft scissors.
Adding bangs to a wig is a simple way to liven up your ensemble. And most people can accomplish it at home if they have the correct information. Just be sure to take your time, as once the hair is chopped, it is permanently lost. We hope this guide has provided you with all the knowledge necessary for cutting professional-level bangs on your equipment.